Tanah Merah


Tanah Merah, meaning “Red Earth”, is an oasis for wildlife and is filled with large blocks and amazing trees, especially jacarandas. It is family and lifestyle living, with sprawling homesteads, tennis played among the eucalypts and sweeping views of the meandering Logan River.

Where to play

The small suburd of Tanah Merah has several lovely parks that also have walk/cycle ways. The Logan Hyperdome area provides plenty of other activities for the residents of sorrounding areas.

Where to shop

The local shops in Tanah Merah are located at Tansey Drive, with locals relying on sorrounding areas, such as the Logan Hyperdome.


Most residents work outside this area. Again the Logan Hyperdome and sorrounding retail and industries are major employers for Tanah Merah.

  • Chisholm Catholic College
  • Loganholme Primary
  • St Matthew’s Catholic Primary
  • Shailer Park Primary
  • Shailer Park High
Who lives there?

There are a mixture of yound mature families, with some retirees. This blend crosses all socio-economic levels. Tanah Merah’s residential median age is dropping as younger people buy in this more affordable rural area.