Dear Aaron,

Thank you to both you and Laura for outstanding in customer service we received. Quick responses, professionalism in finding us good ideal tenants for us. Would have no hesitation in recommending others about the dedication of the Elders Shailer Park Realestate property management team.

Yours sincerely,

Liche Dinh & Nikki Ngo

“I live in Sydney and have been an absentee landlord for over 25 years. In that time my trust in Property Managers has been nothing short of devastating. I have been solicited by many who promised me the earth and all that has happened is heartbreak and in many cases cost me lots of money. I have had tenants who I did not know I had and neighbours who were not at all impressed by what they had to put up with in terms of tenants.

The story of disappointment could go on for ages but I have not got the time. What I can now say is that, instead of me going up quarterly and at great cost, whereas I have spent lots to keep tenants happy and not upped rent etc., so that they do the right thing by me it has not been reciprocated.

These quarterly costs have abated because I spoke with Laura and told her my concerns, and, since her arrival, she has addressed these concerns and robotically has kept an eye on my investment since she has arrived, and kept me informed. In short, she is just not someone who takes her fees , gives me a statement every month and does nothing. From a distance, I feel that she is dedicated, and if my suspicions are right, is what I think, ideally, a Property Manager should be.”

Wesley Shimmon Faibf., F.fin., Dip.,Man. – Landlord

“I have used Janelle Pepper for 10+ years and I highly recommend her. She manages a number of properties on our behalf and comparing her to our other Property Managers, she excels in this profession. She is firm and fair, knows the rules / legislation and there is little down time between communication. We have rarely had issues with her tenants, she is great at managing tenant expectations and issues. We have also found her to be communicative and fair with us as landlords, keeping us abreast of any issues arising at the properties and real estate in general. We have confidence knowing our investments are being well looked after.”

Nigel and Rachael Gorski – Landlord

We first met Janelle when she took on the Property Management of our house whilst we moved to England for three years. This was in 2002 through till 2005. We were lucky during this time to have good tenant so that on our return our house was as good as we left it. Actually, I should rephrase that – we were not “lucky” to have good tenants, we had good tenants because Janelle found good tenants.

On our return from UK we able to purchase a number of rental properties in our area. Naturally we again asked Janelle to take care of them for us. This Janelle has done with great professionalism ever since. I have noticed over the years that Janelle always has the landlords best interests at heart. However I believe that at the same time, she is very fair to the tenants themselves. If at any time Janelle advised us that certain repairs or maintenance were our responsibility we could be sure that it really was, and needed to be attended to right away. In all the time we have never had a problem with either the tenants or the properties. We have always had a great respect for Janelle’s abilities but as well we believe that she is also a friend.

We have our own philosophy regarding a landlord, property manager and tenant relationship – “There are no bad tenants, only bad property managers”.

Mike Harrhy – Landlord

Janelle Pepper has managed our investment properties for many years. Janelle is extremely competent, reliable and thorough, keeping open communication with us and ensuring our properties are well maintained by our tenants and by ourselves always raising concerns about maintenance when found, minimising expensive repairs at a later date. We run a very busy business ourselves along with raising children, etc. so our lives become very hectic. During these times if I haven’t attended to smoke alarms or any other matter, Janelle provides gentle reminders to ensure the work is completed within legal time frames. I greatly appreciate Janelle’s follow ups as sometimes these matters become overlooked. Annually we conduct a review of our properties and tenants and always follow Janelle’s advice as she conducts research and provides up to date advice on current trends and rental rates, when required. My husband and I have followed Janelle through a couple of job changes because we cannot find a better Property Manager to manage our investments properties. We have also recommended friends to Janelle as we consider her to be the best of the best.

Looking forward to many more years with Janelle as our Property Manager.

Sharon Schuster – Landlord

I am impressed with Aaron Brown in my dealings with him. I have never met him before in person but his helpfulness, promptness and enthusiasm comes across our telephone conversation as if we are just having a face to face conversation. I am an investor from Sydney and Aaron is very knowledgeable of the Brisbane City rental market and have provided me with much insight into the residential market there to make me feel more comfortable in putting my property in his hands. It is also the personal touch that makes him an exception. Kudos to you Aaron Brown!

Albert Khoo – Sydney based investor

Aaron has been friendly and efficient. He communicates effectively and quickly and follows through with results. Thanks!

David Fryatt – Sydney based investor

Aaron is the most honest, hard working and reliable person I know in property. I have followed Aaron with my properties, he always follows up and communicates – the most important thing from my point of view as an investor

Mike Harvey, Director – On Your Side Consulting